OK I get it why can I not get there instantly – the 5 obstacles

What are the 5 obstacles

Ignorance – this is merely a particle. . Not something imaginary. A particle that makes one forget oneself. Then this particle created the whole universe. And the universe gave you a body

Ego – this is the next step. Ego. You forget your divine self and imagine yourself as something. And to fulfill that something you created 3 bodies. The gross body is the only body you know but there is a subtle body and a casual body or karana body.

Desire and aversion – so the ego ways to spread out to enjoy. Why? Because it perceives something worth having and something to be avoided this is a big shackle

Abhinivesh – hard to explain what it it. Why? Because based on the level of your meditation it appears differently At the lowest level you could say it is attachment to the body. Then you realize it is more than that. It is the unwillingness to give up attachment to the body ( and its pleasure). And then it appears as unwillingness to give up anger, vengeance, pleasure desires

So you have you get rid of these 5 things before the mind can stay without thought

Once you can be without thought, liberation is instant. But make sure you don’t go to sleep

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