Good Friday – The lost significance.

It is very difficult and rare to find a soul who is truly interested in God and God alone.  The 12 disciples (apostles if you insist), Mary and a few others were genuinely interested in God.  They devoted themselves and their life to God.   First the story of Good Friday.

After the last meal, Jesus knew his time to depart had come.    After dinner, Jesus with all his immense love for his discples washed the feet of his disciples!  Look at the immense amount of love he had.  He knew they were all Gods in spirit and he loved them so immensely!  He and his disciples went to the mountain top to meditate (Or you may call it sit in prayers).  Since this was the last night, Jesus wanted them all to meditate in his presence for the entire night.  However, only one person meditated the entire night, the rest of them fell asleep!  The only person who stayed up all night in meditation was Jesus.  That is why in the morning, Jesus said, “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”  This weakness of the flesh is a very difficult thing to overcome.  It can be done by meditation on the Agna chakra and Manas chakra but requires an immense amount of determination. Even Gurudev said, “Ghanu Kathu che” meaning it is “very difficult”  In the recent times, I can count several people who had done that.  These include Gurudev, his disciples Prahladbhai, Yogananda and his Gurus, Mohangiriji Maharaj, Laxmangiriji Maharaj, Kevalgiriji Maharaj, Neem Karoli Baba, Nityananda Maharaj.  However, in this world with a current population of 6 billion people, I do not see one person who has done it now.   I am sure there are several great saints like that but they are all in forrests or the himalayas.  They do not come down to help, because truly speaking no one wants that help and no one wants or truly seeks liberation or unity with God.  However, this step of conquering sleep completely is very essential prior to getting siddhis of Yoga. Gurudev used to say and I am finally begining to realize, complete knowledge of past, present and future, being able to read minds, hearing things from a distance, seeing things from a distance DO NOT fall in the category of Siddhis. 

I will not discuss the incident of Peter denying Jesus three times before the crack of dawn.   We have no right to speak of such great men.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, most people fall in the cateogry of gutter inspectors.  All they can see is the trash or faults of others.  I have no need for such people, nor do I want to stoop to that level.  These same people could only see Mary as the last temptation for Jesus.  What nonsense!  My answer is, LIVE in the DIVINE consciousness first and then tell me how often you have thoughts of sexuality or food!.  It is only when we fall from Eden (the place of divine consciousness) that sexuality and the dualities arise.

That night when Jesus meditated, he knew of the upcoming pain.  He humbly asked God, if it is thy will can you change the course of the event?  God replied, “this is why you came”.  Jesus had the power to change the event himself.  Literally without fleeing.  Jesus had all the powers one can imagine and them some. Gurudev has described his powers in Muktashastra.   One of the siddhis Jesus had was the ability to be in a crown and no one would see him or recognize him.  Jesus could have walked out that morning and no one, not even Judas could have seen or recognized him.

Jesus did not fight this event.  He was accused unjustly and crucified.  So much pain and anguish did he bear.  He could barely walk.  He had a crown made of thorns placed around his head just to cause pain.  Even with all this, the time was not ripe for him to depart.  He and two others were crucified at the same time.  Contrary to what historians state, Jesus was on the left.  (I saw this in my vision).  There was a thief in the center and another criminal on the right side.  Jesus slipped for a fraction of a second and Satan took over and in the moment of weakness he said, “God why has thou forsaken me?”.  But in seconds, he regained his compure.  Once again, his consciousness was lifted up to Agna chakra or Eden.  There was a smile on his face.  At that time, the thief in the centre, asked Jesus to save him.  (In prayer).  And Jesus saved him.  For those who are familiar with the concept of Moksha, Jesus gave him Moksha.  Look at his greatness. This person was a thief!  Jesus took up ALL his karmas in a second and gave him liberation! 

Swami Vivekananda looked back into the past lives of the thief. 2 lives prior to becoming a thief, this man was a great Sannyasi but material passions made him fall.  This man may have forgotten but Shakti did not forget and gave him liberation!

Jesus still could not leave the body.  At that point, another person came with a spear and shoved it through the lower right side of his chest, pointing upwards and towards the heart, going through his chest and then heart. At this point, Jesus took a breath within and dissolved ALL 3 bodies that very second and merged into God.  The soul or the self is encassed in 3 bodies.  The gross or sthula body and the sukshma or subtle body and the causal or karana deha.  Most people when they get moksha, they have to still work on the Karana deha and the subtle body. This has been explained very nicely by Gyaneshwar Maharaj in Gyaneshwari Gita in the sixth chapter.  Krishna Bhagwaan tells Arjuna that these divine souls then stay as Khechar (Khe meaning sky and char meaning moving or walking in the skies) or the subtle body for a while before they shed that too.  Yogananda Maharaj also describes the same as he was told by his Guru Yukteshwar Maharaj.  Yukteshwar Maharaj says, there is a big celebration when a soul is ready to shed the Karana deha.  Do you see the greatness of Jesus?  He shed all 3 bodies in a second.

This is why Jesus said, he would come back in 3 days. That is how long it took him to come to the gross physical world again.  One day for every body.  Jesus first appeared to Mary when he came back.  He gave her “darshan” in the subtle body.  He would not let her touch him because it was the subtle body.  Later, when he appeared in front of his apostles, he would let them touch him because he had the gross body perfected too.

So, why is it Good Friday?  On my dear readers, if only you could feel and know the immense love of Jesus.  Every place that Jesus walked was saturated with his divine love.  I was there.  This part is very difficult for me to write.  Oh why did this body continue after that?  The day Jesus met Judas, he knew even on that day that Judas would betray him.  I saw the event.  Jesus was an embodiment of divine Love.  Divine LOVE had solidified and materialized in that human body.  All the atmosphere at that time was vibrating with his divine love.  Just like Rama, an avatar had solidified peace in his entire kingdom, that no disease or hatred or crime could occur!

Thus, it brings me to explain another aspect of the divine. There are many aspects or faces of the divine.  Love, Peace, Power, Joy, Knowledge.  Each is perfect in its own.  In any given Avatar one part is perfected.  Thus we see the differences.

So, the reason why it is Good Friday, is because it was the last day where the divine could pour out all its love through Jesus and she did pour out all her Love through Jesus as much as the world could endure.  Thus Jesus could love all those who crucified him.  The one person, Jesus did not forigve was Judas.  He very mildly said, it would have been better for the world, if he was not born!

Judas, did not get liberation for another 800 years. He was born again in India near Jagannathpuri. He still was a miser and still attracted to money.  But Jesus and God in their infinite love, gave him liberation.  This is as per Yogananda Maharaj.

I cannot end this long chapter on Good Friday without mentioning Saint Frances and Sister Theresa (She is mentioned in Autobiography of a Yogi).  They had visions of Jesus and his last moments repeatedly through out their lives.   I bow to them repeatedly for having that kind of love and passion for God.


  1. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you. Credit goes to the divine for using this framework (body)

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