June 2017 archive

China celebrates Yoga

Here is a picture of Yoga modern distorted version The true yogi remains hidden.  His yoga is in silence, away from public, advancing beyond maya and its creation – the world !  How can such a yogi be charmed by fame or wealth?  The very thought of money or fame causes immense pain to him. …

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Blind leading the blind

I was reminded that in religion it is almost like that.   Yesterday I saw a video from a professor who was not in the medical field and was extremely disparaging remarks against medical science and bypass CABG.  What he said was totally misquoted medical information and a lie.   The same thing happens in …

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Why do I suffer

This is an universal question that torments the mind.  However it takes a special place in the mind of someone who prays or meditates or does good deeds.  How can you comfort the mind?  How does your logic process it?  Do you use theory of karma? Bemoan and accept it as your fate?  Or those …

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