May 2017 archive

Life is a burden

Remember that :  life is full of problems.  When you think one set of problem is over another series of problems are waiting Some may be minor inconveniences others might be much more So pick your battles with the problems.  Be content with dealing with minor problems Does a Yogi have problems?  Does an avatar …

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Yoga sutra

Patanjali maharaj wrote in chapter 3 definition of dharana dhayana and samadhi If you read the words and translate word by word from Sanskrit it will not make any sense.  So we have been given a watered down version translated by scholars Even saints like vivekananda yogananda translated it but gave the meaning which would …

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I do not blog for name or fame or for anyone to follow me I have no needs or wants and I am true “minimalist” in the number of people who should follow or could understand So. Why blog ! If there is one in a million person who seeks to love god , who …

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