April 2017 archive

Shiv swarodaya

Click to access 107133shiva-swarodaya-sanskrit-hindi.pdf The book in Hindi translation is here.  It won’t help you.  The book is quite cryptic and unless there is extreme proficiency in meditation and a awakened shakti is present with several years of practice , you CANNOT be successful  But those who have reached that level don’t need the book. …

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Just like there is day night and seasons , the world and world events go through cycles  This is true both for individual masses and environmental events.    Those born in early part of 1900 witnessed 2 major world wars.   The cry and pain of the victims in Europe reached many sensitive people in …

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How can I know the future?

Like anything there are definite steps.   Service to a guru and he can grant you the gift to see the future  Healthy eating of saatvic food can help.  But a word of caution – there are many Jain, vaishnava, Swaminarayan who follow the diet but still cannot see the future. Perhaps , if they …

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