March 2017 archive

Liars paradox

One scholar from the 3rd century B.C.E. was even said to have “‘Twas the Liar who made me die, And the bad nights caused thereby” engraved on his tombstone. It’s likely that we’ll never solve it either, though philosophers aren’t likely to be giving it up any time soon.  This is a quote I read …

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Three  types.  It involves a steady gaze at an object. Without blinking Outward : like the stars etc Middle like a photo or flame of diya  Inner in middle of forehead That is the traditional teaching.  True trataka is different.  Takes years of practice. All blogs and traditional books have been misunderstood It proves only …

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What causes depression?

Of course there is chemical imbalance.  The scientists still struggle with properly identifying the chemical – they change it every 20 years- MAO, to SSRI to GABA to gut bacteria – and treatment methods differ.  Many treatment strategy exist.  Medications, ECT, TCM HERBS, PSYCHOTHERAPY but what does a yogi say?  Do they have an answer? …

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