February 2017 archive

Mini story

A five year old saw a book on mathematics.  It had weird designs ∫ sin^3 (2x) dx He immediately said this is stupid and meaningless and no one should follow this He then got his friends together and praised the only thing that they  knew- counting to 100 – and said this is the only …

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For spiritual progress one must be honest with oneself Questions like these should occur constantly without self justification.   1. Why am I doing this? 2. Do I really seek god? Or do I look for complements from the world? Do I want to become wealthy using spiritual knowledge and powerful?  3. A often lame …

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Saundarya lahiri

This is shloka 16 kaveendraanaam chaetah kamalavana baalaat ava ruchim bhajantae yaesa sah katichid arunaam aeva bhavateem virinchi praeyasyaas taruna tara sringaara laharee gabheera abhir waagbir vidadhati sataam ranjanamamee. 16 This shloka reveals two secret siddhis in a yogi – how to separate the subtle body from the gross body and development of vaak sidhi …

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