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A person His reflection  The reflection talks  With other reflections  How strange ! With blessings The reflection talks  With the person The person says come back There never was a reflection !

Lao Tzu

The quotes seem accurate. However since people reading it are full of ego and have never experienced the true limitless self they will all go in wrong direction without a Guru A guide is needed to understand even a letter from the quote  “At the center of your being you have the answer; you know …

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God is kind

God gives what you think and ask for.  That is his kindness.  Our fault lies in wrong thoughts and what we ask for Is there a reporting bias with an increase in violence ? ( meaning increased incidence of crime reporting and a bias from population growth ) or has violence gone up ? I …

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I read a lot of quotes on mindfulness in the news.  I do not go about searching for it ALL  of the authors of the quotes – in the deepest sense – are wrong and flawed. They are but mere a baby step in the grand scheme. Helpful to the world maybe but it forms …

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Dalai Lama

He recently stated he gets angry. At small things. It lasts a few minutes and he battles it and goes away.  He gives a few strategies and suggests how to combat it. After all we are Only humans! I merely smiled.  Are we ? 

A true Guru

Generally they will only have a few disciples. Followers can be many but disciple or shishya only a few  Why ? Because no one truly wants moksha – an existence without a body , no food or water or sex or fun things to do. No one to talk with or no one to show …

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Nowadays there is much talk on mindfulness They often try to climb to glory by quoting Buddha “There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that …

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So curious

Oh self Thou are all Up and down, all around In the smallest quantum Aware of it And ordering it to create  Electrons and photons With all the atomic energy On earth and planets In every galaxy  Cosmos across Pray tell me Oh intelligent reader What is it like To throb in the atom In …

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Media and their mischief and Meryl Streep 

True reporters and reporting is dead.  All that exists – strong biased opinions and heavily biased facts For example – the other day it was in the news- cop slams teenage girl to floor. What does this headline tell you ?  This must be a bad cop.  Maybe later in the details there is some …

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Primitive stories – or not ?

Ram / god was abducted by Ravana brothers – Ahiravana and Mahiravana.  Ram and laxman were about to be sacrificed to the goddess in the underworld and Hanuman intervened and rescued them ! Bhairava has three aspects.  Sun, moon and fire ! Jonas was swallowed by a whale and came out alive 3 days later …

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Amazing !

I am so amazed and impressed !   Life after life people stay at the same spiritual level for a very long time.   In one birth they will walk with a tulsi mala, next birth they will say walk with the cross, then become non believers,and then say meditation is the way.  Others will …

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