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Shankaracharya, his disciples, Ramana maharshi, Kabir,  Christian saints like saint francis, mother Theresa lived very simple lives They served and helped others.  Were they happy ? Some of them had no roof, no money.  Like Vivekananda. Or swami rams  They moved from place to place.    So if we try to live life like that …

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I cannot help

No guru or god can help you – as long as you believe you know or understand And that is the problem !   In the field of spirituality most people are like cavemen thinking they know physics because they made the first wheel ( compare to the true guru who are like quantum physicist …

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Who reads spiritual blogs?

Those who think they know all about spirituality may read – so they can put others down satisfy their ego and feel good Those who aspire something higher may read it.    Of those who aspire – some search for a method and they bounce around Some who aspire may know method but keep reading …

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