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A very remarkable line in a poem by Anwar Ek  achamba meine paayo  Naav mein nadiya doobi jaay  Meaning I saw something surprising  Rivers drown in a boat  This is a description of deep meditation 

Should I read this blog?

NO These blogs are not meant for everyone.   There are many “experts” and “gurus” out there and I would strongly recommend going to them.  I do not offer much in way of material gains at all.  What I offer is meant for a select few people who are determined – determined, not casually interested …

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Understanding a true Guru

That is impossible. All the scholars put together could not and cannot understand either Krishna or Rama or Jesus. A true Guru is at that level or higher. Their actions, their words their method have such a deep meaning and method of helping – all the logic that you have cannot clarify it. You may …

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