Acting !

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Some people are born actors! In real life. Some are not.

Ok, so what is my point?

When we see people or we see their photos, people seem so happy. And we often wish to be happy like them. You go to a party. They seem to be enjoying the party. The people. The food. The dancing. We think wow they must have a wonderful life. Nice married life, money, job stability etc.

And this is what I mean acting! We don’t know the pain they have in their life. Or they may merely have forgotten their pain and enjoying the party. Everyone has their share of pain. If not now, it is a dark shadow waiting for them. This is the truth. Everyone has their own day.

So look behind the masks. Don’t look at others. Focus on your connection to God. The world with all is shadows is place for us to wake up and connect to God.

Michael Jackson with all his money and fame had a very challenging life.

Michael Jordan – during his peak was considered best player of all time. And now, Scottie Pippen now it’s talking about how terrible Jordan was as a player! One day you have fame and later the exact opposite

Everyone comes to this world to pay their dues. Don’t become egotistic with good days and don’t lose hope during rough times. It will change. Undoubtedly. This world and everything in it is temporary. Don’t going to it. Cling to something ever lasting. That is God. And something that is forever is called Truth. In Hinduism they use the word Satya.

In other words for for something forever. That can only be God. Every human or object you love will leave you. You will also leave anyone who loves you. Such is the tragedy of life. Learn this. Go within

Now going within is not so easy. It takes effort. We are used to clinging to the material world. We can only see happiness measured by the yardstick of the world. Remember, the “actors” I talked about? Well, they are oblivious to the harsh reality of the temporary nature of the world. Even with all the parties, they will get tired of the party itself.

Be aware of this. Go within.

Within is joy! Within is God. Within is something permanent.

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