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Is material happiness equal to spiritual progress?

Of course not But yet most people – when they get material happiness they feel more secure. Feel powerful. And they feel just happy. This they equate to blessings from the fake Guru, or doing karma yoga or worship or tirth or mala And that dream is eventually shattered and they reevaluate their situation A …

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An interesting forward

Here is an interesting forwardअहम-जोगी-Aham-Jogi?ch=3&share=9c6864a4&srid=8hzMM You can choose to read it Or not read it If you read it you can choose to believe it Or not believe it If you believe it you can choose to call him a Guru or say interesting I did not read it. Just glanced at it I …

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In Gita there is a shloka that says to an enlightened person gold and rock are the same and sees friends and foe alike This is in chapter 14. Verse 24-25 ? But even these enlightened people need food and need some money for daily sustenance. They live in society or interact with society. As …

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