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At the final moment, if you have no remaining desire , you are free In our foolishness we think that without meditation you can overcome desire. But that is not possible. Why is it foolish? The mind inherently goes out. You see a good looking man or Woman and there is a desire. Or you …

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A different way of looking at progress

The silence descends into the inner being first — as also other things from the higher consciousness. One can become aware of this inner being, calm, silent, strong, untouched by the movements of Nature, full of knowledge or light, and at the same time be aware of another lesser being, the small personality on the …

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When will I get results?

No one can say! She knows. Shree Lalitha. However how and when is kept a big secret. When on the verge of I liberation your Guru can tell you. But before that, it depends on your effort and endurance. Since it is a personal choice, and God does not interfere with personal choices – there …

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