The trap

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The world is an illusion. It is a lie. Perhaps the Bible calls the happiness in this world Lucifer. It promises good but never delivers happiness

Such is the trap. We are constantly deceived by the world. Every day we think after this challenge life will be better. However that is not the case

A different challenge is already knocking on your door. Life is a constant battle. But armed with the skill of Yoga, you can sail through the problems. Remember that happiness is very fleeting in this world. Don’t get sucked in !

How many ways can any person tell you? This is a trap. If you believe in rebirth, your next birth could be in the slums! All the money you have, sitting in a bank never used to help the poor. Add God says, you did not understand the pain of others? Perhaps a few lives in poverty might help you!

So the cycle continues. Karma will bite you A person in power – like senators – have many consequences if their action. The downstream effect will affect them in their future lives. Decision which creates pain And suffering from global warming- where and who will pay for those karma ? Billions of people affected

Foolish is the mad rush for things in this world when you marry, you will face the anguish from your spouse. Sometimes routinely. You may have kids but who knows what their behavior will be. Everything is likely to cause pain.

So reality is – who is smart? The smart person is he Or she knows this and is alert to it. They avoid it. Knowing that this is effervescent, they seek the permanent happiness of mediation

Any takers? Ready to meditate?

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