Useful pearls

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A Guru is only interested in your spiritual progress

If you think you do Not need a physical Guru it means you really don’t know what awakening is

Without a Guru, it means whatever awakening you have it is imaginary

Guru Is there. It is up to you accept the Guru. He cannot say or influence you in your decision He May leave clues. The final choice is yours

Once you have a Guru that is an unbreakable bond Unless you relinquish your Guru for wherever reasons

That Guru will be there till you get liberated

That’s why a Guru is very selective in accepting a disciple. He only wants those who are sincere

In Kaliyug this number is very limited

Guru will test you. The tests will be difficult.

Kaliyug it is difficult to find or recognize a Guru. There are many fakes

Read my blogs to see signs of a True Guru

Only a true Guru can know another by going to Kutastha

Those who have reached very high level are at Nishpatti. They help indirectly through someone else in the siddha avastha

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