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Politics : definition. Viciousness to others , often mercilessly for personal selfish gain. Usually of power, sex money and spite , vindictiveness

This attitude is present not only in Government but also in corporations, business, work and home

It is psychological manipulation and also manipulation of circumstances for selfish gains , anger and vengeance

This is the state of the world for the last 2-3 thousand years. People are so uncaring, so focused on Selfishness that some don’t even realize the anguish they caused others and if they do realize it they have a perverse happiness in knowing it

What will the end result be. All these people who have been so callous, will have the same significant anguish come back to them several fold.

One should be prepared in life, that there will be a time when you will undergo significant pain, and often times it happens, when you did nothing wrong! This will happen to most people in their life, at least once, if not more. Be prepared, this is life

There is the story of Nambi Narayanan floating around on the internet. Or look at Griner – the US athelete senteced in Russia. Countless examples exist. The maker of Hubble telescope was not given any time to use the Hubble – that time was given to many other astrophysicist in the world

So knowing the nature of the world, be prepared. Also, dont crave the world, it will betray you. When you least expect it. So why not meditate deep. Learn the technique to destroy your karma. Go within. Learn from the Bhajan that give deep yogic secrets.

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