A wide gap

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A Guru is at a very very high level. Mother used to say there is not much difference between a human consciousness and the consciousness in a strone. I can explain it later, but in general this is based on evolution.

Now a Guru is someone who is in touch with spheres which no human is ever aware of!! Eventually, with the grace of a Guru and shakti, his awareness increases of the other spheres, other worlds, forces of maya etc. The world Is not what it seems is what Yogananda Paramhansa said. That is very true

Now you cannot get there without a Guru. Just can’t. There are many Bhajan extolling the greatness of a Guru. A true disciple will figure this out , realize the immensely high stature of the Guru! He will say I will be a beggar to my Guru in a wonderful Bhajan – And beg him to open those wondrous world

Since the intellect of current people is very limited to this physical world, you simply cannot grasp what I say. It will seem weird

The Guru just can’t give that awakening without proper merit or permission from Shakti Often times they make the disciple wait for at least a year, more likely several decades They do not care for having disciples Only want someone who is sincere

You may think you are sincere, but buried under the weight of so many desires, the Guru knows that the disciple it is simply not ready

It is complex !!

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