So many concepts

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Everyone has a different concept how God Is and How he is to be worshiped

Brahmananda has a great bhajan on it He was about 200 years ago?

And even those who practice yoga has a different concept. Some say, chanting Aum, others say pranayama, others say sohum, while some has their own fancy concept of mediation

Now the only person so knows the truth of them is one who has walked the path. And those who have walked the path – they are very wise. But they won’t show much. They will be simple. Even what they write in blogs will be very superficial.

However they know the truth. Have the ability to give the truth. But they do it sparingly. The disciple has to be willing to give up his concept. If you stick to your wrong philosophy, wrong map, how can you reach there??

When people ask me a question, they have a concept in their mind. That want to learn Jyoti mudra, or kevali or Kriya yoga. But that Is not the way to go. The Guru Is not there to Dance to your tune. Best is to leave right away You have to be willing to learn. And they may give you only what you can digest. Not more

So remember what you have is only a concept. You have no perception of truth. Those who have perception of truth, the first thing that happens is both nostrils open up. They can see or hear things that you can’t see or hear. Those are very small things but a great step in giving you faith

So work to get rid of your false concepts first

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