An infinite regression

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A simple question. Who am I?

To answer the question – one will quickly realize that whatever you think you are, there is another thought / observer behind it

If you can keep going further back, in seconds you can realize you are pure consciousness

If that is the case, why is it not practical reality? It is because when ever you have a thought, there are other things that crop up. You may be aware of some and not aware of others such as emotions, ego, imaginative power etc. And very quickly trapped in that murky waters to forget to go behind And notice the observer

That’s why, meditation And specifically yoga is the only way to be merged as observer

As such all techniques require silencing the emotions And thoughts and imagination

If you can do it, the game of illusion is over instantly.

It is not so easy. Your will is weak and it gets stronger with many life experiences. This process is slow and has up and downs. This is where a Guru helps by shortening the entire process to a paltry few years.

What does a Guru do? I believe it is an inappropriate question. That is his business. Your business is to develop. I do have to say such a Guru is rare, hardly a few every century. In the 21st century ( 2000 onwards) there has not been one that I know of or endorse. This of course is my opinion. My opinion is a freedom of mine – you do not have to accept or believe it

My criteria of a Guru is lofty.

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