It’s not necessarily one sided

We seek an enlightened Guru. A Guru who is above maya. Creation. The ultimate. A being beyond everything that we can imagine

But here is the other side. Such a perfected being also seeks a true disciple. What can they do when they are surrounded by people who are only interested in the body platters, money , fame, vanity.

Ramkrishna used to go to the roof top of his building crying for a true disciple. Took him 10 years or longer to find one.
He saw a nearly perfected saint in the Himalayas. He took him from that body and gave him a new one. Later that person came to be known as Vivekananda!

The bottom line is just as we seek a perfect Guru. Such a Guru seeks a true disciple !

I once asked my Guru about this. In his infinite love and grace, he smiled and said …..

Anyway , all we have to do is make ourself ready. In time they will lift us. They have no choice

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