Inner faith

And this is the problem we have. Inner conviction. It is there. But we have somehow convinced ourselves we can’t do it. It can’t be done

And once we have the wrong conviction it takes a lot of work to unconvinc ourselves !

You are the divine. As Vivekananda said , we have been hypnotized into believing we are the thought or body. We have to get out of it.

Merely saying I am not the body or thought will not work. Meditate on your inner self. Get rid of the identity with body. Do what it tastes

The great saints told us to give up attachments to food and sex. Why? So we can break the stronghold those vices have on the inner self. It is one more aid – in forgetting our identity with the material world

It will hurt. It will be painful. You will feel remorse. Get angry. After all it is something we look forward to when we wake up.

The yogi calmly observed the thought of wanting food. Sex. Money. Worries. Remains unruffled. Those thought waves are not me. I refuse to succumb to them

This is what Kapil muni taught in Sankhya. This is the witness attitude

However it is a lot more than this. This is the first step. Later when one becomes adept. You realize the thought of wanting is maya. It’s funny. It is not even you !

But more later!

God bless all those who try. I know your challenges. I do not wish anyone remain in this illusion. It will be a long battle. But can be undone quickly once the fire is lit.

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