The right attitude


My son received low marks in the mathematics exam of his B.A part II degree, and he was preparing for a retest with a hope of improving his grade. When my sister informed us that Baba had arrived at her house in Allenganj, Allahabad. I asked my son to go for his darshan. My son said that he did not want to go for Baba”s darshan for the sake of passing his exam and that he would prefer to see Baba after the results had been published. I agreed to this and went alone for Baba’s darshan. When I was bowing before Baba, I heard my sister asking him to bestow his blessings on my son, so I told Baba about the conversation I had had with him earlier. Baba was overwhelmed with emotion. Shaking his head, he said, “You don’t understand, he is very shy”. We were surprised to see how such a simple thing had moved Baba. Then I remembered something Baba had once said to Sudhir Mukerjee “Who comes to me for my sake only!” The unselfishness of the boy pleased Baba.

As Baba was leaving the house, I went out with him. He took a piece of puri from under his blanket and giving it to me. He said, “Give it to your boy”. By his grace my son not only passed his B.A and M.A exams but also got a job in State Bank of India before the M.A results were announced. One day in Kainchi my younger son informed Baba of his brother’s new appointment and Baba said, “I have made him manager”.


Excerpts from “THE DIVINE REALITY of SRI BABA NEEB KARORI JI MAHARAJ” Chapter “OMNIPOTENCE” written by Shri Ravi Prakash Pande “RAJIDA”.

What more can be said?

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