Learn to go within

At the end of the day, all religions talk about going within

Meditation – go within
Singing hymns , bhajan – it is you be done only after you feel God within you
Mantra – a method to focus within and invoke presence of God
Prayers – we close eyes , a sign of shutting off connection to external world. We do it automatically
Yoga – step wise technique is going within
Kriya yoga – the power of within

Anyway this is a slow process.

How do you hasten it?

  1. Staying in the company of those who can go within. Talking with them. This is the most powerful way
  2. Purity of thought. Not having anger or despair. No desires for external world. No thoughts of revenge. Endure all circumstances of life. No thoughts of why me. The list can be either long
  3. Having love for God. Now this is very powerful. But it cannot be reached until you have met God. Not in thought. Or imagination. Or fantasy. Real. As real as the table in front of you. Then you will want God strongly. It is a catch 22 in ways
  4. Reading books or blogs that reinforce these values.
  5. Staying away from those who teach contrary to traditional yoga. This is the bulk of Guru and blogs out there. So I never look at other people’s blogs or what they say or teach. It is difficult to weed out fake from real. So just read things written by perfected people.
  6. Daily practice. Yogananda suggested about 8 hours of meditation should be enough. My Gurudev would have us do it a few days at a time. If you were lucky he would let you sit for a week at a time
  7. Having a Guru. Life will not be easier. Guru will test you to see if you are ready ( see point 2). But the reward is incredible.

I am not interested in the flashy stuff or in the masses. I cringe within by such people. Neither do I want anyone following me. It would be great if there are 5 people like that ( with above attribute) in this world. Sadly the world is not that fortunate.

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