What is missing in life?

From our perception
In all 72 ways

So what is the end result?

The mind is constantly looking for happiness. There is no reason to look for it. The mind freezes when it touches inner self Joy

But since it has not touched it – we seek to talk and discuss. We want to listen to things. Read things. Show off our achievements. Look forward to things. We cannot endure Woe me is what the mind dwells on. Be happy by listing what we have. Or can get. Or be unhappy by what others have. Or wish to be a philosopher or guru and then help others. Acquire knowledge

But my friends , when you have it – there is nothing to be achieved. That very inner Joy is God. Is knowledge. It is everything. That is the true intoxication of Shiv. That was the intoxication of Omar Khayaan in his Rubiyaat. That is the intoxication of many great Saints such Mirabai or Narsinh. Immersed in it that they become incapable of any worldly activity. And spontaneously they keep singing a variety of highly charged instantly created bhajan

We have it. But we ignore it in our lust for life. We think this life is all

What more can I say ?

Happy Diwali and Happy New year

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