Larry King died yesterday

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You can read up about his life online. And get all the gory details that fancy your interest. I will only discuss life in general

* Just the highlights born 1933
* Married 8 times, 5 kids
* 1987 had a acute coronary syndrome, needed 5 vessel bypass. He was a smoker
* Lung cancer 2017 , stroke 2019
* Possibly died from Covid
* Was a very popular talk show host from 1980, to 2010.  30,000 interviews
* Was accused of larceny with business partner in 1972. Career at standard still till 1978
* *Money at time of death $ 50 million*

And this is what people perceive as a successful life!

What portion of the money helped him or anyone at the time of death

Now if you are an atheist you may not believe In after life but Buddhist, christians, Jains, Hindus, Islam all believe in Heaven and hell.

Well there has to be some sort of transportation to go from here or there! Hindus call the person or his representative who picks you up ( soul ) Yama. Terrifying looking chap. I try not to look at his picture. Especially when I have brand new clothes on. Hate those stains.

So if that is all true, ( I did say if ) what do you have to appease him. He takes out his secret book, looks at what you did ( sorry not the wealth or the money or number of people who praised you or the number of times you enjoyed body pleasures) (probably goes hmmm and in my case hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) and Mets out what you deserve

Since almost all out lives were spent on selfish stuff , insecurity and not for God, the hmm turns into a frown and baam. You are In hell!

Anyway joking Apart. Success in life by human standards is quite foolish. For eternal success isn’t it more important we focus on something more tangible. Something that will show your love for God by being selfless?

Now you may or may not believe in God. Or Heaven or hell. I do believe in hell. I am married. And I do believe in the devil. I read news about politicians

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