Perfect Guru disciple relation

In the spiritually receptive, loyalty to the guru rises

spontaneously when the disciple’s heart is bathed

in the aura of the guru’s unconditional love. The soul

knows that it has found at last a true friend,

counselor, and guide. The disciple strives therefore

to reciprocate the guru’s unconditional love, especially

when tested, even as the faith and loyalty of Jesus’

disciples were often tried with non-understanding. Many

were with Jesus at the feasts and sermons, but how

few at the cross!

Paramahansa Yogananda—The Second Coming of Christ:

Yogananda is describing the perfect disciple. There are only a few.
Most disciples are there for the feast. When the guru suffers very few will be there.

Those who are there when Guru suffers get liberated in the same birth

But your mind well deceive you. Circumstances will make it impossible. And then it is not just being physically there. There is a Lot more!

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