February 2016 archive

Brahma gyana

To reach pure consciousness or brahma gyana or para shiv a few conditions must be met 1.  Fearlessness :  if your afraid of events in life or death you don’t have the firm conviction that you are pure consciousness.  2. Faith : full faith in shiv scripture and a living guru 3. A perfected guru …

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A sad mistake

Sad mistake  A perfected being I saw last month Blinded was I  Bowed before him But failed to recognize Beautiful were his words Now I know  He spoke  He hid  I know not more At the same Ganesh temple in Indore A blind fakir , his voice resonating above the tumult, in a captivating mesmerizing …

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The world

Sad it is  For the world Many great traditions Got revealed Now most founders  Have gone into hiding. Harder it is For the disciples To bring Niraakar  To Saakar But work hard and  Even Niraakar  Will take aakar  Almost all of the great figures of 19 and 20 century got exposed. In a flash of …

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