March 2016 archive

Varah Avatar

He was the third avatar of Vishnu.  Hiranyakashipu dragged the earth to Patala.  She asked to be rescued.  Vishnu took Avatar. He came out of the nose of Brahma and appeared in the sky.  He pulled earth with his tusks and fought with Hiranaykashipu for 10,000 years and finally won the battle.   This is …

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A short story

Guru V met Saint K. Guru V did namaskar Saint K did namaskar back. Guru V said “you do not know how to do namaskar” Saint K was offended.  But surrendered to Guru V Guru V said I am from beyond Varanasi Saint K said he is from Kankavati. 25 years later, Saint K was enlightened. The above …

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For the longest time, Indian scriptures were recited from generation to generation  Overtime, certain minor errors may creep in.  These errors can only be detected by an enlightened person  Why ? Since he has experienced it and knows the method of experience also As such, when you can boldly say no books are needed, then …

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