May 2016 archive


Nature evolves Science and technology progresses BUT the hardships humans face remain the same – in intensity, frequency and style This continues for a very long time.  Those who believed in rebirth say it continues for millions of years The lesson is to get rid of all the hardship simultaneously not deal with it one …

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The way to freedom, the way to total mastery is long Ignorant people and ignorant guru mislead Even yogananda will come back !   Work hard Unceasingly  Learn to find a guru.  Surrender to him without question   That is the fastest way This is why Morgan Freeman can never find a true answer or …

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Signs of awakened kundalini

The earliest sign is love for shiv He has nothing.  Wants nothing and gives everything His appearance is a perfect description of all yogas We only know a handful of yogas.  However there are thousands and thousands of methods.  Only gurudev knew them all to the finest detail. And shiv knows them all He once …

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