July 2016 archive

Fine details

The fine details of how God created all three universes is the true marvel This is only known and seen by a yogi.  So far what is written in all the books together is like a child who built a house out of Lego  The great architectural details of god is to be bowed down …

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A guru is a must  If you read scriptures,  you formulate a thought.  The thinking has a basis on the material world.  Or based on some super natural fantasy  I don’t challenge anyone. Let them continue in their way.  Even if a guru tries, their ego and the ego that they understood correctly prevents them …

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Shiv swarodaya

Many try to pursue this   The knowledge in books is limited.  It never talks about technique. Just gives results or interpretation and results by variations in breath The technique has to be learnt and one has to have full mastery over many shakti.   That is why it is called shiv swarodaya. Shiv indicating …

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