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Dreams at time can show divine angels, gods and omens They are often difficult to interpret and differentiate from ordinary dreams There are many clues to differentiate them which one should patiently learn from his or her Guru


To make progress one  MUST  have  a guru  with  total  mastery  over  understanding of  the  scriptures  One  may  take  the  literal meaning  or the logical interpretation  I prefer the  experience  of yoga as  the  only  correct  interpretation  Take the Gita chapter 11 verse 16 where aruna says I see you God with thousands arms, stomach, …

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Analysis and calculations

Surrender to god and guru – must be done without selfish reasons or calculative Analysis of scriptures, people, personality go against spiritual progress The world has made religion and pseudo spirituality a business – using logic to impress others.  If that is your goal go away   Love for god is what I offer.  I …

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