Did the scripture lie?

Yoga Vasistha is one if the highest books ever written. We see countless people in association with sages – but they take several births to achieve supreme consciousness
What is wrong? Dis the scripture lie when it says only a few days?

Not at all ! This refers to pure souls. Those souls are very rare. Those souls who only care about God. Everything else in life is unbearable. Eating food – no I don’t want it. I hate it. Without God it is worthless to me. That is the way they feel for years. Then God arranges for an enlightened being and in matters of days or even minutes they reach perfection

Ramkrishna was like that. He reached that supreme consciousness within a few minutes! Even his guru Totapuri was shocked

The other issue is if ordinary souls are at the feet of such great sages, they cannot cherish the association. Within a few days their mind tires from not having activity. Truly who who can just sit in mediation for all day, night not sleeping and enjoy the association of a perfected Guru?

Since those two things are lacking – we take several births

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