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Body necessities

As long as soul is in body , bodily needs and demands will always surface The top most yogis are an exception. Like Babaji, gorakhnath, bharthruhari, Gurudev, parmanand maharaj, LAL ded, trailoki baba Such persons are very rare. Very few are permitted to go to that level

A dreamer

A wise man wanted to help. But the helpless person was so much in deep sleep – he / she could only want to improve his sleep and dream but did not want to wake up! If your back is facing the sun how can you possibly see it ? Wake up !

Cogito ergo sum

This was said by Rene Descartes It means I think therefore I am For a yogi this is a laughable logic The statement for a yogi is the exact opposite Patanjali said it perfectly in Yoga Darshan sattva purusha anyataa khyaatimaatrasya sarvabhaava adhishthaatrtvam sarvajnaatrtvam ca This is verse 50 chapter 3 Intelligence is different from …

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