December 2017 archive

Are you a yogi?

Simple question. The answer is no Just answer this question honestly On a day off – with no wordly responsibility- do you just sit in meditation without food or water – no communication with anyone and enjoy the presence of divine ? Just a quiet dark room without any electronics! Don’t mislead yourself in noble …

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Yogashikupanishad and chandogya Upanishad both have described 5 types of Agni Anyone can translate it and give the interpretation of the five types of fire. However the stupid materialistic people can only give an explanation based on the material types of Fire – like fire in wood , fire in atom, etc But, for a …

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A challenge

In life we have a choice. Either case , it is a challenge Choice one, learn to deal with numerous challenges in life. This will Conti throughout life Choice two, learn to overcome the weakness of your own mind. In my opinion choice two is more enduring from life to life