January 2018 archive

How to talk with kids about religion?

First you should have a firm experience about religion Going off based on things you have read will not convince them. You can preach all you like about re birth or karma from past birth and tell all the stories , you will not be able to convince a smart modern day teenager. They are …

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Did you ever stop to think?

Why did the great saints of the past spend all day in meditation? What is it that they experienced that even a second out of meditation was not acceptable to them? What is wrong with your meditation that you have to force yourself to meditate, pray etc? What is missing? What is Samadhi? Vivekananda and …

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How to live life

If you look up online – you will find millions of ideas, support groups, books, religious leaders and gurus – they all have a solution to your problems Why does it not work? Perhaps we don’t implement it? Perhaps it was destiny or karma? Or bad luck? Truth is there us one thing missing. The …

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