How to talk with kids about religion?

First you should have a firm experience about religion

Going off based on things you have read will not convince them. You can preach all you like about re birth or karma from past birth and tell all the stories , you will not be able to convince a smart modern day teenager. They are skeptical. Ask for more proof

Unless you have lived a spiritual life you will not be able to convince them because what you teach is different than your actions

This is very true especially for Hollywood or Bollywood parents.

In the final run , everyone is born with past tendencies and that will shape your beliefs. Some will believe in meditation others in mantra and others in “knowledge without experience”. just mental masturbation. Which produces nothing

In the vicinity of a divine Guru even the most atheist can be converted by his will. Such Guru are very rare

Did you ever stop to think?

Why did the great saints of the past spend all day in meditation?

What is it that they experienced that even a second out of meditation was not acceptable to them?

What is wrong with your meditation that you have to force yourself to meditate, pray etc? What is missing?

What is Samadhi?

Vivekananda and Yogananda praised meditation as the highest! Vivekananda said Samadhi is greatest wealth!

Why do we live like ordinary people and not make deep effort for it?

The doors are closed. It has to be opened by a capable Guru. Don’t get satisfied by imaginary shakti awakening. Believe my words as true


How to live life

If you look up online – you will find millions of ideas, support groups, books, religious leaders and gurus – they all have a solution to your problems

Why does it not work? Perhaps we don’t implement it? Perhaps it was destiny or karma? Or bad luck?

Truth is there us one thing missing. The blessings of God or even better blessings of a divine Guru

So if I go to a guru and my problems are solved is that a divine Guru? Of course not! But this is the tragedy that create cults and massive followers – such coincidental things. The fake Gurus know this and capitalize on this, fake propaganda and entertaining people by logic, using fear tactics ( if you don’t do this something bad will happen ) and false promises of grandeur in the after life

Please stay away from them. Also stay away from my blogs. A Guru does not want disciples or followers. He is just there

Republic Day

Vivekananda in 1890’s talked about India freedom and even referred to some great souls like Subhash Chandra Bose

While traveling through Saurashtra, Vivekananda was upset at seeing the demolished Indian temples. He thought he would have defended the temples at all costs Kali immediately appeared before him and asked do You protect me or I protect you ? :)

The divine roots of India can never be conquered. It was a little play – of republic and Independence

The divine vibrations left by Shankar by materializing at Jyotirling, a land where Ramkrishna was/is, the great saints like Kabir Mirabai were there – are still alive. In its full effulgence

We err by going to the temples and seeing the mud, poverty and let disgust fill our mind. Be like Arjun – go there with heart full of love and desire to see the divine and not even noticing anything else !

Be secure !

One thing is certain – you will never cease to exist. Consciousness will always be !

The body or multiple bodies may die – yet the spark of the divine – what people call soul will ever exist

A yogi tries to merge the soul in God

It is only after that God becomes a true reality. Till then – it is like a possibility with glimpses of certitude

So if by chance your reading this blog, do the following – never never give up the search for the divine That constant effort will continue from birth to birth till your journey is over – till your merged in Divine

If you give up the search , think it is just a folk lore , who knows where your path will lead you to ? In one birth you may be Indian, then from Europe or Africa or China – your faith will change from birth to birth Where will you be? Why not work very hard so this beautiful path of Yoga continues with you ?

Don’t hate anyone or any religion. They all try their best. Sadly some people journey is wayward- seeking the world instead of God

Let them be.

If your fortunate to read these words, wake up my child ! Wake up ! Stop searching pleasure in the world but find the pleasure in the path to God. If you can’t succeed on your own, find someone to help you.

A Guru is a must. He helps in many ways more than you can imagine.

Aurobindo and Mother said …….

The difference in level of spiritual consciousness between an enlightened being and a normal being is a million times greater than the difference in consciousness of a human and a stone ( this difference in consciousness is minuscule according to Mother )

I merely repeated what they said. Again this difference is based on awareness of consciousness and NOT knowledge or information.

Most readers are constantly seeking to read and understand but not one person wants to give up reading and receive the power of that supreme consciousness by the grace of the Guru. This grace gives all the understanding of all spirituality, vedas upanishads etc

Such a guru is rare. Yogananda said even if such a guru is found if he gave that grace the disciple would not be able to endure it and would die

Who knows if any of this is true. It might be just a blind belief

So go and find another blog to entertain yourself

Diet and meditation

Meditation is directed towards getting rid of the discursive behavior of the mind and then the mind itself

Since any attempt to control the mind is an immense challenge to begin with , it is easy to understand alcohol is a no no.

The harder thing to understand is the role of non vegetarian food and meditation. The effects of non veg to the mind is not immediate but takes years to manifest. Hence it is likely to be not understood. Vivekananda gave a comparison between an elephant ( standing majestically) who is vegetarian and a restless prowling lion that only lives on meat.

The truth is far more difficult to grasp and even more difficult to experience. From fear of transgressing spiritual laws I cannot state certain things, but certain diets are known to bring stuporous states – which a hasty ignorant person can equate to the nothingness of Brahma. Of course this stuporous state is far from the fullness of Brahma

Some may argue that this diet restrictions is related to living and non living. However, we know that there is life in plants too

The final most difficult thing to understand is the question of eggs. Eggs can be Unfertilized. Yet they are prohibited for meditation

The guru who is capable of giving you the highest would like to see the seeds of the highest grow in the disciple. This seed of sohum WILL NOT grow if the disciple will not adhere to the diet for decades.

The disciple may lie but the discerning divine guru automatically knows the right thing. The divine Goddess will refuse to grow or let the Guru give awakening in these situations

Some people argue that Jesus ate meat etc on occasion. Jesus forgave the people who crucified him even though he was in excruciating pain. Can you do that ?

Yoga practice

True yoga practice is rare

When a yogi tells his experiences, we just can’t believe it because no matter what we don’t experience it!

Hence we think there is another logical explanation or just a story or the person fibbed

The truth is we did not work hard enough, we did not try emotional purity and did not have love for God or the desire to be liberated. We just wanted to enjoy the world

Don’t be stupid

Lahiri Mahashaya had an ageless divine guru Babaji

Inspite of getting the highest initiation he struggled for 10 years to reach perfection. In his diary he talks about how often sexual desire and other faults would creep up and he had to fight it. During those times he meditated hours together several times a day

Reaching perfection is hard work. After the shakti is awakened

Present day Guru take you on the road of logic, laziness and give you false hopes. They give you imaginary meditation without any experiences. They say chant the name of God or have you say sohum “I am God” and increase your ego and tell you you have reached pure consciousness nothingness when all you did is become inert like a stone – abhav yoga

In Manu smruti – it is said that a being fake guru is a big sin. Who is a fake guru? A Guru who has not had shakti awakened as per Lahiri Mahashaya. Yogananda had a stricter definition. What I have learnt is such fake Guru are punished severly if by chance there is a sincere true disciple and he gets stuck there. Fortunately such disciples are rare.

Most people who follow spiritually have weak desires of fame, money, looking for excuses to escape from work responsibility, hoping to meet women in organizations etc, or looking for intelligent debate.

No one wants to do the very hard, demanding work of silencing the mind, getting rid of desires, being insulted multiple times ( a strategy that helps…… ) etc

Reaching perfection is hard work the road is full of amazing experiences – far greater than any text written. That is just my opinion

That is why I urge anyone who reads by blog to go elsewhere. There are many other great guru out there who can help you with your desires for fame sex money and give you a lot of intellectual debate

What I write is meant for someone who loves God, and is tired of the evil selfish greed of the world

There are no shortcuts

Lazy, ignorant people full of materialistic desires such as fame money sex food come up with very convenient lies for liberation or being with God

These lies include, just say gods name or mantra or I will sprinkle holy water or taking bath in Ganga or going to religious places and giving offerings or I believe in Krishna or Jesus or swaminarayan or my guru – these are all lies none of those things help. Some believe reading books and understanding it is freedom. Stupidity They maybe in some instances a stepping stone provided you have love for God and you are pure in your deeds and have NO MATERIALISTIC DESIRES


Of course I could be wrong but I prefer love for God, wanting to do good deeds etc very important also