February 2018 archive

Steps to God

There is an inherent foolishness in people. They believe that reading about God , maybe saying some mantra or a prayer or firmly believing in Advaita and you are there. But such is not the case The soul has to be first experienced. It is encased in three phases at all times. Wakefulness, sushupti and …

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Tom Cruise

People who follow different paths – Scientology for example – get stuck in their own maze created by their mind Some may believe that truth lies in other planets or universes and desperately search for it. They go from books or “research” searching for clues and evidence. However , it is worthless they then get …

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Shiv panchakshar

It was written by Shankaracharya Shankaracharya followed Advaita. It is an experience Then why would he write hymns of Shiv For example Mandaakinii[5] Salila Chandana[6] -Carcitaaya, NandiIishvara-Pramatha-Naatha-Maheshvaraaya.[7] MandaaraPusspa-BahuPusspa-SuPuujitaaya, Tasmai “Ma”kaaraaya Namah Shivaaya… He talks about mandaakini and flowers etc And then he uses the word su-pujitaya We can say pujitay meaning worship and su- pujitay …

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