Steps to God

There is an inherent foolishness in people. They believe that reading about God , maybe saying some mantra or a prayer or firmly believing in Advaita and you are there.

But such is not the case

The soul has to be first experienced. It is encased in three phases at all times. Wakefulness, sushupti and sukshma One has to go beyond it and then one can surrender and love God

Until then one remains enmeshed in 3 Gunas – of virtue, vice and indolence.

Once liberated from them – taste of love for God arises. One sees everything as a marvel. Slowly the imperfections of people – which we hate – are seen in better light. Forgiveness and repent

Why give up the Marvel of God for a world that is imperfect and treacherous ?

You need someone to walk you through each h step. Otherwise you can only understand my words based on the physical world. Not based on the secrets of God

Every sentence in Gita holds yoga treasures

Tom Cruise

People who follow different paths – Scientology for example – get stuck in their own maze created by their mind

Some may believe that truth lies in other planets or universes and desperately search for it. They go from books or “research” searching for clues and evidence. However , it is worthless they then get depressed and feel lonely since they don’t have anyone who shares their views

This does not mean that aliens or other species don’t exist. They do. But you may not get the same intelligence like us. They reach God , at times by a more direct simplicity. And some don’t ever get to God for a long time

Yogananda has written about other species. So has Trailoki baba

But information based on imagination and nit direct perception will leave you lost and sad

Shiv panchakshar

It was written by Shankaracharya

Shankaracharya followed Advaita. It is an experience

Then why would he write hymns of Shiv

For example

Mandaakinii[5] Salila Chandana[6] -Carcitaaya,



Tasmai “Ma”kaaraaya Namah Shivaaya…

He talks about mandaakini and flowers etc

And then he uses the word su-pujitaya

We can say pujitay meaning worship and su- pujitay meaning good worship ! So what is su-pujitaya?

The whole shloka is a description of experiences of samadhi – AFTER the body falls lifeless

Yukteshwar could make his body lifeless at will

That is meditation.

Stop pretending

Go towards purity and achieve the higher goals. I keep reminding myself


All aspects of yoga are true

Including siddhis

It is rare

Those who have it hide. Run away from public

Vishnutirthji Maharaj had the siddhis. And his Gurus

Yogananda, his Gurus had Siddhis

They did not transfer it to disciples to any significant degree

The siddhis like gyaneshwar and Kabir are even more rare

You may get moksha without siddhis. Even that is a big thing

What happens at death?

Difficult to say – it would scare people

But those who have not meditated are generally very afraid.

Saints like St Paul and perfected the art of leaving body. Hence he said , I die daily

Same was true for St Francis

Everyone knows about Lahiri Mahashaya

Last century there were quite a few. Now there are none. But in time more will be like that

The commonest feeling is fear and apprehension. Soon the inability to control body and then your directed by your karma to various places.

There are more details described in shiv purana etc

Tushar meaning

રચના તુષારની અધભૂત

આંખ ભીંજી તુષારથી

થયી મોટી સ્મિત

કરામત કુદરતની

કર્યો તેને નિર્દેશ

તું સાર માં સમાજ

તુષારની રમત

The word Tushar means morning dew

Philosophical meaning –

In India there is no rain in winter. So the moisture in the air condenses and gives water to the plant

During the dry times in our life – the invisible spiritual blessings condense to feed us by the act of remaining “cool” or “calm” Calmness is the act of meditation where the mind is less active

We are surrounded by spiritual blessings of great people and their positive vibrations left over while they still had a body helps us get rid of difficulties in life

This is why pilgrimage was suggested. Or Satsang – sitting at the feet of these great yogi helps immensely. However such Yogi prefer to remain aloof, away from people

There are other great Yogi who remain active but no one can understand them recognize them. Yoga is not meant for public display.

English Translation

It’s a mystery

Forget religion. Forget books. What do you need?

It is like the matrix movie

You are the divine. You gave forgotten it. A book can tell you that but does it wake you up ? You can follow what you want or who you want or pinch yourself.

You still will not wake up and know your the divine

But my guru is Yogananda, or I believe in shankaracharya or Krishna – still all you did not wake up – all you did was get egotistic – but your still in spiritual slumber

But I follow their teachings and method to wake up ! GOOD LUCK is all I can say.

You still don’t know your divine aspect

Isn’t it simple ? Find an awakened Guru He will have all the answers and if your lucky can wake you up. Yet a true Guru is very rare

And yet the world will continue its ignorant slow, almost stagnant process of trying to wake up

What a mystery

Love for God

It’s difficult

What some people think is love for God is nothing more than fear – if I don’t do this bad things will befall or it is gratefulness- oh thank you that you did these things for me

But that is a business deal. Not love. To know love for God you need someone to teach you.

Read your books. Or follow your faith. But it won’t lead you to love for God

I write – very few read and those who read don’t get it

I don’t like reading great quotes. They are not so great ! They describe the goal people think it is the method Like I said previously in my other blog – the cart before the horse

Lent Day 2

Jesus gave up food and water for a long time 40 days !

Some people give up a small item in life for that time frame !

All sacrifices are good – but those who give up all and do it the right way are absorbed in God

Few can do it the right way !

First – you have to learn the right way

Then understand it

Then practice it

It’s a long way !

What is the right way ? – to have pangs of love for God , so much that nothing in the world matters !

Of course there are many other subtleties in between

Any takers ?


Today is the beginning of Lent

The word lent comes Latin meaning spring or even more ancient to grow longer

It is the beginning of spring and the days go longer

Christians practice lent by fasting in one way or the other. Later the practice became giving up a few items , generally food for 40 days

The real number was perhaps 36 days and it is done till Easter

The number 36 or the word Easter is not random. They have a yogic significance. Jesus also had fasted for 40 days in his life

In a public blog many things are not revealed

For example in yoga sutras it is mentioned sayama prapti is the first step in yoga. It refers to doing dharna, dhayana and samadhi all 3 at the same time !!!

How is it possible to understand it ?