Chapters in Gita

The chapters in Gita are arranged in three groups

1) 1-5 describe Kriya Yoga. Every sentence , in my opinion , describe kriya

2) 6-13 Describe what should happen when kriya is perfected This includes vishva Darshan

3) the remaining 5 chapters talk about the forces that prevent you from perfection. Here he talks about three gunas. But Lord Krishna omitted certain levels above three Gunas

Moreover there are certain chapters in Gita that have been lost but available to a few select Guru / Yogis

Of course this is my belief. I prefer no one believe me or follow me. There are many other Guru more suitable for you

It reminds me – swami Gangadhar tirrhji had only one disciple. Ramkrishna had only a few disciples – I believe some people used inner circle for it

A worthy disciple is very rare. Even yogendra Vigyani – the guru of Vishnu tirthji maharaja said – who knows if there ever will be a disciple worthy of higher diksha in Kaliyuga

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