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From the Bible

  Leviticus25:44 states   Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves   The question is – what does this mean?  An enlightened person can explain it in a heartbeat Those who are ignorant of themselves will never understand it or accept it An …

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Just a few words on Giri sampradaya.  Yogananda guru was a Giri.   Yukteshwar Giri.   Giri follow Prashna Upanishada and believe in Prana and the ability of prank to take you tot perfection. That is why Yogananda said, he would give anyone liberation in 12 years, if they followed the technique of Kriya yoga …

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A story of Yogananda

A man purported to have had samadhi and enlightenment Now mind you , samadhi is rare. Difficult. And to have it at Will is even harder Inspire of multiple explanations by Yofanabda the man persisted in bragging about his samadhi. Finally yogananda asked him , let’s see, ” tell me what is the living room …

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Who should read or follow my blog

No one It is detrimental to read of follow. Leave me alone Why do I write it ? As an outlet of a thought or two. And there is a divine person


Miracles should not be pursued. But they come naturally as part of perfection One cannot think we have reached perfection without having some miracles occurring daily What is not to be done is – mantra for siddhi, or fasting or tapa for miracles. Having said that most people follow the route of tapa mantra etc …

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Foolishness of our thinking !

A few common illogical way of thinking God is everywhere. It is true Best way to think of it is I don’t know how. It is foolish to think it is a miniature Jesus, or Ram or Krishna or any of your diety all around Advaita – only one thing exists and I am that …

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Chaitri Navratri

Today is Goodi or Gudi Padvo It is new year for Marashtrians ( a state in India) Some attribute it as the day Shakti created the universe. Or some say it is the coronation ceremony of Rama In Maharashtra they put multicolored clothes on the top of a shaft And celebrate I walk around with …

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Modern day philosophers

It’s a joke Seriously it’s a joke. They are just as bad as many religious leaders. This is my opinion. I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way – but how can anyone know if they have no experience Why is Philosopher Daniel wrong ? He claims there is no such thing as consciousness it’s …

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*Ignorance makes fun of intelligence* *Robert Goddard* is the *Father of space travel In 1920 he published a paper of space travel and travel to the moon *New York Times* humiliated him and mocked him. Goddard passed away in 1945. First space travel occured in 1947 New York tines apologized for making fun of him …

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A story

There is a mountain that needs to be climbed. It is called Giri There were millions of people trying to climb it. They all had a luggage of a 1000 kilograms / pounds with them. They went to a guide for information. The guide took money from them. A lot of money. And then showed …

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