Just a few words on Giri sampradaya.  Yogananda guru was a Giri.   Yukteshwar Giri.   Giri follow Prashna Upanishada and believe in Prana and the ability of prank to take you tot perfection.

That is why Yogananda said, he would give anyone liberation in 12 years, if they followed the technique of Kriya yoga provided they followed it perfectly,  No lectures or discussions.

What Yukteshwar Giri wrote in The Holy Science, Yogananda expounded on it in his treatise of Gita.  It is very difficult to follow without experience.   Yogananda revealed more secrets in it than he should have.  A fake Guru can read it but he will misunderstand it.  A true Guru does not need the book !

In Gita, Yogananda gives the following formula for liberation.

3 years if you have strong karma for liberation.  6 years if you have moderate karma.  Mild karma 12 years to liberation.   Slight karma then 24 years.  If no karma, still 48 years of kriya makes sure you will get kriya next birth

With this in mind…we should reappraise ourselves and see where we fall.  Very few can have sustained unbroken interest in Kirya to be able to get this.

Best wishes to all

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