From the Bible


Leviticus25:44 states


Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves


The question is – what does this mean?  An enlightened person can explain it in a heartbeat

Those who are ignorant of themselves will never understand it or accept it

An enlightened person experiences it

Her YOU – is the soul.

The nations around you is the body.  Obviously.  The soul is in the body and what is around the soul?

Male and female slaves – are the 5 motor organs (male – 5 karmendriya, talking walking using arms, digestion, excretion) and 5 sensory organs (female, sight, hearing tasting, smell and touch).  They are slaves for the soul – for the pleasure

Sadly, in most cases, the soul becomes a slave to the senses and helplessly bound follows the taste sensation and the person keeps eating or enjoying  the pleasures of life

So what does the word buy slaves mean? – It means if you have enough good merits or karma – those slaves will come to you in the next body. Otherwise many people are born with defective senses or the pleasure of the senses goes away at a young age.


All of bible, hinduism is full of such stories.  They were not stupid.  They wrote many stories very eloquently

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