What do you want to achieve in life ?

If you can answer that question honestly – there are only two things you can want

1. Something in the world or for the world but still related to the world

2. Spiritual enlightenment in experience Call it God or atman or self Your choice

What about both ? Answer is – it won’t work out. Because for spiritual enlightenment you need decades of forsaking wanting anything in world

In ancient times It was called vairagya. That term is poorly understood

It is in reality a status in spirituality


A yogi wealth is opening of Sushumna

None of the books have written clearly what happens when Sushumna opens in the FIRST STEP.

Later steps describe chakra. Since it is graphical everyone can imagine it and believe , falsely, achievement

A yogi without opening of Sushumna is like a man without any money or wealth calling himself rich

Such foolishness abounds on the web. No one wants to be patient – for true achievement