What happened?

Winds died, people cried,

I tried with all my might

To give what’s right

Oh, now a sad plight

Winds died, people cried.

I caught the wind, Settled within

A game of light, a game of sound

A master illusion, billions bound.

Quit the game, wake up child

I caught the wind, settled within

The first paragraph is about dying , the second is about immortality


Hiranyakashipu had a sister named holika. His son was Prahlada

Prahlada refused to give up praying to Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu got angry and ordered Prahlad death. Multiple attempts were made.

In one attempt he asks Prahlad to sit in a pile of sticks with holika. Holika was immune to fire provided she had a shawl. The end result was she look ok st her shawl and in the fire she does it Prahlad lives

Finally Prahlada is ordered to embrace a burning pole and from the poke Lord Narsinh appears and he kills Huranyakashipu

The story is a beautiful story if steps ok f Yoga. However, since this is public blog, I cannot give the true meaning

An easy to understand meaning is as follows

Hiranyakashipu is ego and it always wants to take credit for everything in life. His sister Holika is fake bhakti which is loyal to ego. Prahlada is true bhakti

Eventually in the trials of life fake bhakti dies but only true bhakti will live

99% of the people have fake bhakti. It is done for material gains or to impress others.

Writing blogs falls in category of fake bhakti. It is done to impress others. Going to bhajan, Kirtan, singing dancing is also often fake. Display of kiya yoga in public is a crime against the purity of Shakti. She is not to be displayed many people are guilty of it

People sing bhajan in nice voices. It may impress people but does not impress God. This shiv ratri I saw someone spend a fortune and do tandav dance -. Shiv gave up riches seeing wealth as something worthless. How can you impress shiv ?

The list of imposter bhakti – Love fir Hod us long

Can you love God while burning with tremendous worldly pain ? There was only one Prahlad !