Yukteshwar and Babaji

When Yukteshwar met Babaji at Kumbh Mela – Babaji addresses him and said Swamiji will you write a book on my behalf?

The words Babaji uttered were a blessing with all spiritual powers given to him at that instant!

When some people give blessings, ignorant people don’t understand the blessings and reject it

God gives such blessings through spiritual people but most of the time the blessings are not understood and rejected

So is it unfair? Not at all. It is a subtle test of respect toward the Guru. Most of the time it is absent

Yogananda said that many times. His Guru subtly hinted many things but most of the time the followers were unable to receive

That’s why in the Bible it is said ” to all those who received he gave them the power of being the sons if God” meaning it is not easy to receive when there is ego – ego of being great or ego of being nothing

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