I know what you said !

Once upon a time a very eager man sought refuge at the feet of a very divine Guru. The Guru was wise and all knowing

The disciple was very eager and not subdued. He asked the Guru , ” please oh great Guru, tell me how to reach nirvana”

The Guru paused. Looked the disciple and beyond the disciples body “I can tell you but you are not ready. You will not understand”

The disciple knew it won’t be easy. He persisted. By now the Guru was tired. He finally revealed the truth “Go and become a master of Sanskrit. All answers are there”

The disciple bowed and took permission from Guru and departed. He found the greatest scholar and started to learn the language Sanskrit! 20 years passed by and the disciple was a master at it

One fine morning the disciple woke up and realized he knows Sanskrit but has not reached Nirvana

Hastily he returned to the Guru and complained ! The Guru smiled and said ” your still a child ”

But Sir, I did exactly what you told me!

The Guru replied, “you did exactly what you thought I said! I told you to be a master of Sanskrit. And what did you do? You learnt the language ! I was not talking about the spoken language Sanskrit”

The disciple became dejected. He somewhat understood his flaw.

Part 2 to follow. Maybe

Most of the readers fall in this category. I write things and in general they believe they understood what I said but they miss their mark.

Certain things are very easily misunderstood. Master Sanskrit is not the same as learning the language or mastering it

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