May 2018 archive

How arrogant are we ?

Very arrogant If Krishna came down and explained the Gita people would argue with him and not believe him Yogananda is considered to be an avatar of Arjun. He wrote a long book on Gita. Explained many things about what is really meant in Gita. Yet fools will debate him, argue and go on in …

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How do I know I am ready for a true guru? When life ceases to be interesting, when you are tired of the mundane existence and your looking fir something higher How you cannot say your ready when your depressed and have problems in life Simple ! Very few are ready.

Very difficult

It’s very difficult to escape the clutches of maya Every birth your own logic will keep you bound. Stupid logic – accompanied by ego. Ego that you understand. Ego You have analyzed Gita and bible. Ego I am doing the right thing. Ego that I meditate properly There are 7 steps to freedom. If you …

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