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Difference in mahayoga and abhav yoga

There are some who believe they can go in deep samadhi and when they are out they claim they went into nirvana or nothingness and are happy Yogananda warned against it. This is known as abhav yoga and the happiness felt is tamas True samadhi / some call it maha yoga or siddha yoga / …

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Sheer foolishness

The soul is encased in 3 bodies. Gross, subtle ( sukshma) and causal or karana Realization must follow awareness and control of those three bodies first. Merely saying I am divine or shudha atman or pure consciousness without realizing FULLY the three fretters DOES NOT WORK Pick your path wisely. Think to yourself are you …

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So now you have 2 choices

After reading the previous blog – it should be clear You have 2 choices. Follow the millions of other techniques and guru and teachers and spiritual healers / awakeners online and in public Or learn true yoga from someone who has accomplished it The other option is to follow the stupid “gyana or path of …

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