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Was allopathic medicine arrogant ?

In Ayurveda – they talked about “pitta” leasing to many issues including memory loss? Anger etc Recently a few studies have shown bile acid produced by gut bacteria leading to Alzheimer’s, memory issue etc Bile acid of course is “pitta”. So what does this have to do with spirituality ? Everything. Diet affects our mind. …

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(No title)

My friendship is dying What should I do ? My 9 friends from forever, Are quickly leaving me They talk very little Leaving me alone. They send me half hearted invites And I chose not to go. Oh what a color friendship it was Even the rainbow pales. All alone I have taken resort Drinking …

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Kabir Doha

Here is an interesting Doha from Kabir. This is a translation Inflicted by a bladeless spear He lies under a tree Surely he will die today or tomorrow I cannot interpret this in public but it is an enlightening Doha showing the greatness of Guru