Rathyatra story

Krishna, Balbhadra and Subhadra were having a very hot summer day in Bhuvaneshwar. They finally went for a bath in the ocean / river nearby and when they came back, they got sick. They were very sick. A few weeks later, they went for dinner at a nearby cottage and that procession from the temple to the cottage took 9 days. First Subhadra went in a chariot with 12 wheels, then Balbhadra in the chariot with 14 wheels and finally Krishna in the chariot with 16 wheels. The chariots have very specific dimensions.

After they ate at the cottage, they finally got better

I write this story to share. Of course you can look up other stories, and massive description of the Ratha built with precision to exact dimensions

It is such a big occasion – 9 days of yatra/ journey.

It truly is. If done properly forever you are with God

Few can understand it and rarely one in a billion can do it correctly

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