August 2018 archive

Can I talk with God?

Yes. Not just an intuitive thought ( which is very easy to mistake that and imagination) Judy like a direct conversation. Or as clear as reading a book But he wants us to be clear. Sincere. Determined. He will not open up until we show those qualities. Not just for a day or two. But …

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Worry and brooding

We have had a lot of practice. All life long. Nay for many births. Of constantly worrying or brooding or imagining. Watch a movie. And you will constantly say oh no! Or that’s good. Or I wonder what is next ? Or this is what I would have done. Etc ! But that’s what we …

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What we don’t realize all thoughts and desire materialize. It can happen now, tomorrow or a million years from now No one can stop it So be wise. Think carefully. It will be happen. Have patience. Why rush it or be miserable while waiting A word of caution. If you think someone getting hurt or …

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