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Home part 2

The seeker was almost in tears. He was bewildered. He respectfully asked permission to leave. The great guru noded and bade him good bye. Just as the seeker was exiting the door, the teacher called him back. He gave him a sealed letter. On top of the letter it was written – to be opened …

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Wonders of life.

Here I share the Nikon small world competition winner Is the life depicted all a matter of chemical composition in motion ? Is there a soul ? Does bacteria or virus have it ? Who directs this extremely complex movement ? Is there even a brain?


Is it true ? Vivekananda advised a few not to believe in it. That is true. Some people Fall victim to it and will not even leave home without the right “mahurat” auspicious time That would be silly to follow it to that degree. So for the believers if it makes you weak mentally give …

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